The Human Race

A new window has been opened on to our past. Overthrowing old assumptions about humankind, ancient DNA extracted from teeth and bones is rewriting history bit by bit. The Human Race is a feature length documentary film about a monumental mission: In a race against time, an international research team have set out to map the complete DNA blueprint of 5,000 prehistoric human beings. As the DNA library steadily grows, the group of scientists realize that a whole new insight into the story of humankind and human diseases are slowly unfolding before their eyes. The Human Race is also a personal story about a professor and his goal of making his mark on human history and the future of the human race. However, in his relentless attempt to reach his goal, he gets swirled into the political, ethical and existential tangle his work creates.

March 2023 / CPH:DOX

Title: The Human Race
Length: 100+
Premiering: 2024
Language: English
Directed by Simon Lec
Produced by Jacob Levin Krogh
Director of Photography: Benjamin Kirk, DFF
Editors: Michael Bauer & Anders Villadsen
Produced by Move Copenhagen