Less Will Do

Danish Health Authority

Physical activity helps children grow strong bones, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent deadly lifestyle illnesses. Unfortunately, a new study shows that only 10 pct. of Danish 11-year old girls meet the recommendations issued by the Danish Health Authority: Children need to be physical active at least 60 minutes a day. At the same time, the study shows that a parent’s effort has the greatest impact on their child’s activity level.

On this account, the Danish Health Authority is launching a new film spot aimed at fathers to pre-teens. The new work is themed “Less Will Do” and is part of the Danish Health Authority “Get Moving” campaign, which launched in early 2010. A new film kicks things off by showing how a father to a pre-teen girl is preparing himself physically and mentally for what seems to be a sports competition, but as it turns out, he is preparing himself for something completely different.

Client: Danish Health Authority
Agency: Move Copenhagen
Director: Simon David de Tusch-Lec
Director of Photography: Benjamin Kirk, DFF
Production Manager: Knirke Lindby
Actor/Father: Morten Schaffalitzky
Daughter: Alma Sofie Bech Navrbjerg
Teacher: Bo Gough-Jensen
Head of Secton: Danish Health Authority, Tue Kristensen
Creative: Simon David de Tusch-Lec
Creative: Benoit Lelouche
Colourist: Kaj Ivanovic
Storyboarder: Snorre Krogh
Sound Mastering: Mikkel Gemzøe
Drone Operator: Tao Ahler
Music: Simon David de Tusch-Lec
Musicians: Andreas Käehne, Oliver Hoiness & Simon David de Tusch-Lec