The World is Waiting for You

Voices of Europe is a non-profit organization established to strengthen civic and democratic participation through intercultural dialogue across Europe. Voices of Europe uses documentary films to raise awareness of environmental and social issues, actively involve citizens and strengthen common values and prospects across Europe. The organization wants to exam shared reference points, and in this way encourage tolerance, mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue and reconciliation as a means of moving beyond the past and building the future.

Danish Arts Foundation & Bevica Foundation

Typically, products are designed to be most suitable for the average user. In contrast, products that are designed according to principles of universal design are designed to be usable by everyone, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design.


What is good design? Should design be accessed, understood and used to the greatest extent possible by all people regardless of their age, size, ability or disability? And should an environment (or any building, product, or service in that environment) be designed to meet the needs of all people who wish to use it? And if so, how can the next generation of designers acquire skills that makes it possible for them to connect with the people they are designing for?

Break the Chain

As a creative response to the Coronavirus pandemic, we produced this film reminding people to stay at least six feet/two meters away from each other, and in this way lessen the risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. This campaign was specifically targeted Southasia.

Purposeful Gaming

Visual Game & Media Design is an intensive two-year programme for students wishing to do creative work in game design, visual media, and beyond. During the programme, you will continually combine the hands-on creation of digital games, animations, motion graphics and visual designs with innovative conceptual approaches to game design and storyworld design. The programme teaches idea-generation, creative process, business models, and how to involve clients and users within both the game industry, in visual entertainment, storytelling, animation and motion graphics.

A Change in Fashion

Since 2016, The Royal Danish Academy, has been working with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Fashion, Clothing & Textiles aims to educate fashion and textile designers that are committed to exploring smart, alternative materials and methods in design as well as developing groundbreaking strategies for sustainable development.