Film Teaser (01:14): A rapidly changing world needs rapidly changing designers. ‘Design Responsibly’ is a documentary film about the changing role of the future designer.

Brief Project Summary

At its heart, design is a matter of making things better. It's about rethinking and improving. Arguably, great design is all about great purpose. Meanwhile, design products have changed how elections work, raised addiction and depression to an all-time high, and have had a significant impact on our natural environment.

This is a proposal for a documentary film that examines the impact design and designers have on the world. The film presents the reflection of top designers, design researchers, and manufacturers on how to use design as a force for good.

Primarily, the film tells stories of passionate and innovative people working on solutions that contribute to our civilization. Design Responsibly is a documentary film that pulls back the curtain on the impact and the power of design. In this way, we wish to create a debate on the importance of design to solve the major societal and environmental challenge we face today.

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