Move Copenhagen

Social Change Through Storytelling.

Move Copenhagen is a creative agency promoting worthy causes. Somewhere between social marketing and social entrepreneurship we use creativity and innovation as a force for good. Our goal is to improve society by producing documentary films and creative advertising campaigns that achieve high levels of community education, self-efficacy and beneficial behavior change. We produce and distribute documentary films and new media products used in schools, social networks, public cinemas and brought to citizens at large through our growing network. Documentaries can help fuel change or can be incorporated into larger established campaigns to drive impact. We work at the intersection of storytelling and social change. We advance the use of film as a powerful tool to reach, engage and influence audiences. We shape stories, provide production and distribution and create strategies for outreach and engagement. With non-profit organizations, funders, businesses and social entrepreneurs, we work on projects that see storytelling as an integral element in advancing our joint mission.